Beta Beta

Miami University
Oxford, Ohio
Date Chartered: 
March 27, 1993
Founding Fathers: 
Aaron Aldridge
Todd Lindgren
Brad Banks
Terrence Snellings
Ron Katigbak
Dwight Stephenson

Through God’s work, the idea of a Christian fraternity at Miami University was introduced to two different groups of men in September 1991, through Kappa Phi, Sigma Theta Epsilon’s sister sorority. These two groups included Terrence Snellings, Ron Katigbak, and Dwight Stephenson in one group and Todd Lindgren, Brad Banks, and Aaron Aldridge in another. Other men were also included in these groups, but dropped out before the fraternity became established. With God’s planning these two groups came together in January 1992 for the first meeting of what was to become the Beta Beta Chapter. At this meeting the men got to know each other and discussed goals for the new chapter. By March of 1992, the future chapter was growing in strength and the first officers were elected with Dwight Stephenson being elected president. At the 1992 Fall Gathering of Sigma Theta Epsilon in Oklahoma City, the Miami University Temporary Club became official. By this time the club numbered twelve. Beta Beta’s birth was not easy. One of Sigma Theta Epsilon’s requirements for chapters is that they be officially recognized by their university. Opting out of joining IFC, the process of being recognized as a service fraternity began. ln March 1992, Associated Student Government (ASG) refused to vote on the fraternity on the grounds that the National Constitution did not have an anti-discriminatory clause. This was corrected at the 1992 Spring Conclave at Ohio Northern University. The amended constitution was resubmitted to ASG in April 1992, but no action was taken before the end of school. In September 1992, recognition was once again attempted. This time, ASG said that the Religious Organizations Activities Council had authority over the fraternity. ROAC, upon review of the fraternity, gave approval of the fraternity but said that ASG must give final approval. ASGI however, now said that the Student Activities Council (SAC) had to give final approval. At a SAC meeting in February 1993, SAC said that ASG had authority over the fraternity. At an ASG meeting later in February, the fraternity was discussed, but the issue was tabled due to several reasons, including: the fraternity was Christian, the fraternity was not coed, and others. Finally, at the next ASG meeting, with the support of the director of SAC and ROAC, the fraternity was given official recognition. The 1993 Spring Conclave was held at Miami University. At the Conclave, Miami University Temporary Club, by then numbering fourteen, became the Beta Beta Chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon. In August 1993, the fraternity moved from its apartments on Vine Street to the new fraternity house on Church Street. With the guidance of God, Beta Beta Chapter is continuing to grow, both in numbers and as a Christian influence at Miami University.