Beta Epsilon

Bradley University
Peoria, IL
Date Chartered: 
October 21, 2000
Founding Fathers: 
Michael Orr
Dan Kidd

Realizing a strong need for Christian Brotherhood on Bradley University's campus, the idea of a Christian Fraternity arose. An internet search revealed Sigma Theta Epsilon; National Christian Service Fraternity. Through the network of the Christian groups of Bradley, a strong group of men fully devoted to God began to meet regularly. In prayer and excitement, Sigma Theta Epsilon was contacted for further information. Through a gauntlet of red tape from Bradley University, 8 men learned commitment and patience. Upon acknowledgment of Bradley University as a student organization, these 8 men submitted a petition to Sigma Theta Epsilon requesting temporary club status. On April 1, 2000, Bradley was initiated into temporary club status in Memphis, Tennessee at the National Conclave of Chapters. Sporting pledge pins and a strong devotion to one another, the pledges of Sigma Theta Epsilon began their work on Bradley's campus. The approaching summer meant a separation from the snowballing excitement, but steps were taken to continue the close relationships within the pledges. Plans of fulfillment of the pledge requirements were underway. Marking the beginning of a new school year, the pledges of Sigma Theta Epsilon devoted themselves to not only growing closer with one another, but growing closer with God; together and individually. Excitement and anticipation from members outside of the pledge class grew as word of this Christian Brotherhood passed from a dream to reality. New freshman at Bradley showed interest at the thought of brotherhood through a Christian Fraternity in comparison to the already 60%+ secular Greek involvement on Bradley's campus. Bradley University became the Beta Epsilon Chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon at the Fall Gathering of 2000. Today, our brotherhood continues to grow both outwardly in numbers as well as inwardly in strength and devotion. Through service events, we have gained sincere support from our community and from the students of Bradley University. God continues to pour out His blessings upon us.