Beta Eta

West Virginia University
Morgantown, West Virginia
Date Chartered: 
November 16, 2002
Founding Fathers: 
Mike Woodling
Bryon Powell
T. Zane Long II
Mike Waybright
Alan Raudenbush
Jim Davis
John Danford
Jordan Romanko

The concept of Sigma Theta Epsilon is nothing new to the campus of West Virginia University. Started some time in the 1930’s, the Mu chapter was one of the largest active chapters with over 100 active brothers in the mid 1950’s. However, as the 1960’s progressed the surge subsided and eventually in 1970 the chapter was declared inactive. Without the presence of STE on campus, WVU attempted several times to revive the chapter. The most recent attempt was in 1988 when a group of 10 young men petitioned National for temp club status but did not complete the pledging process. Finally, in 2002 God directed events to bring Sigma Theta Epsilon back home to West Virginia University. At the 2002 National Conclave, then National Secretary Chad Burdette - running for National President - laid out his goal of bringing Sigma Theta Epsilon back to WVU where he was doing his graduate work. One month later the National Expansion Director received an email from one of the campus pastors at the University expressing a desire to bring STE back to the campus. After many summer meetings between the campus pastors and Burdette, plans were made to gather a group of men to form the temporary club in time to have them ready to petition Nationals at Fall Gathering 2002. By the beginning of the 2002 school year 10 men had been brought together and began meeting with the goal of attaining temp club status in October. The first two months were spent taking the necessary steps of gaining recognition from the university and meeting with the National Expansion Director to discuss the requirements for becoming a chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon. At Fall Gathering 2002 the group from West Virginia University was granted temporary club status and was officially initiated as a temp club on November 16 in Morgantown with members of the Alpha Gamma chapter attending to welcome them into the group. The pledge period officially kicked off second semester with Chad Burdette serving as pledgemaster for the group. Under his guidance they learned about the fraternity and completed their required projects, which included feeding the homeless, holding a worship service, and traveling to Alpha Gamma to fellowship and meet the brothers there. As Conclave approached the group finished making final preparations to travel to St. Louis to take the National Test and be initiated as a full-fledged chapter. On April 5, 2003 eight men from West Virginia University became the Beta Eta chapter and brought the number of active chapters nationally to ten. As Beta Eta begins its journey and a new chapter in the history of Sigma Theta Epsilon at West Virginia University, they look to be a light for Christ on their campus. They will accomplish this with a wick of brotherhood and the wax of Truth, ignited by faith.