Beta Gamma

University of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
Date Chartered: 
January 31, 1998
Founding Fathers: 
Tyler Young
Joshua Parsell
Matthew Orewiler
Richard Stevens
Ben Harder
Stephen Humble
Brian Dik
Peter Lucas
Fred Taylor
Derek Blank
Darren Swank
Andrew Neumann
Andrew Betts
Matthew Adam
Isaac Greene

In the late winter/early spring of 1997, University of Cincinnati freshman Tyler Young was inspired to start a Christian fraternity. The idea was planted by Dwight Stephenson (a Beta Beta alum then on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ.) They located a large empty house on Fraternity Row and contacted the owner about renting it. After some informal interest meetings with Dwight and National Secretary Aaron Aldridge, the vision spread among Tyler's roommates and other Christian men at UC. The group took a step of faith and signed a lease on April 6, 1997. They were convinced that they could fill the house with or without a fraternity. But they were also convinced that a "fraternal organization" would give them a purpose. In May of 1997, a core group moved into the house while it was still under renovation, and 18 men were initiated as pledges in the new Temporary Club. As the fall quarter began and more of the men moved into the house, they met together. Everyone took a deep breath, began getting to know each other, and jumped head first into both classes and the pledging process. Aaron Aldridge and Dwight Stephenson acted as pledgemasters, and everyone moved into high gear, learning the ways of the fraternity. It didn't take long for the UC campus to discover that the parties "in the house with the big fish on it" reigned as an obvious talent. These men knew how to throw a party! The lchthus of Christmas lights blazing from the balcony signaled a place of refuge for all who believed. What they didn’t realize was just how true this was. Purpose, meaning and function became clear. These men were creating a whole new environment, a Rock upon which all Christian organizations at UC could stand with ownership, to unify all under the common cause and banner of Christ. To this day, "The Rock" continues to serve as a place for every Christian, no matter what background, to find encouragement, strength, faith, and fellowship. Midway through the pledging period, after dropping to 15 men, they found themselves with a dilemma. The university bureaucracy moved slowly to recognize the new campus organization. After several weeks of red tape and uncertainty, The University of Cincinnati finally accepted the Beta Gamma chapter on January 15, 1998, noting that they were "fulfilling a need" by pulling together all the Christian groups. This was further encouragement that they were acting according to God's plan. With prayer and faith, they had made it thus far, and all that was left was to be chartered by the National Fraternity. On January 31, 1998, with many of the National Officers attending along with delegations from Epsilon and Beta Beta, 15 men of God took off their pledge pins and signed their Charter. They now had a mission. One thing above all was certain: they served the Creator of the Universe, and with Him, through Him, by Him, anything and everything would be possible.