Beta Iota

Illinois Wesleyan University
Bloomington, Illinois
Date Initiated: 
April 3, 2004
Date Chartered: 
April 9, 2005
Founding Fathers: 
Jordan Bartle
Dan Flaugher
Adam Gray
Andy Hall
Blair Hannah
Andy Heikes
Matt Kooi
Krey Leesman
Paul Rotert
Kyle Schnitzenbaumer
Micah Stickling
Tim Van Dorn

After a Bible study in the spring of 2004, Jordan Bartle and Tim Van Dorn expressed to one another their desire of seeing a chapter of a Christian fraternity on Illinois Wesleyan University’s campus. Bartle and Van Dorn then spread the news of their endeavor to the campus by putting up posters and by word of mouth. After searching for national Christian fraternities on the internet, Bartle and Van Dorn then went to Illinois Wesleyan’s Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life for further guidance. The list of Fraternities to contact was then narrowed down to three national Christian fraternities. After presenting each organization to those students who had expressed interested in a Christian fraternity, it was unanimously agreed that Sigma Theta Epsilon’s purposes, principles and values coincided with the group’s vision of a Christian fraternity for their campus. Sigma Theta Epsilon was then contacted with the group’s decision to pursue the implementation of a chapter at Illinois Wesleyan University. A group of 12 men was initiated into Temporary Club status on the 3rd of April, at Spring Conclave 2004. The group remained under Temporary Club status over the summer, and began the pledging process in the fall semester of 2004. Mike Sowa, a brother of the Beta Epsilon chapter at Bradley University, was appointed Pledgemaster for Illinois Wesleyan University’s Alpha class. The group then began to meet together weekly to establish friendships and grow in their understanding of Christ. The vision of a Christian fraternity on Illinois Wesleyan’s campus was finally realized when the Alpha class of the Beta Iota chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon was formally initiated on the 9th of April at Spring Conclave 2005.