Beta Theta

Ohio University
Athens, Ohio
Date Initiated: 
May 30, 2003
Date Chartered: 
November 22, 2003
Founding Fathers: 
Jeremy Davis
Josh Dobbins
Jeffrey Fitzwater
Mike Grether
Marcelo Lima
Andrew McCullough
Andrew McNamara
Jeremy Miller

In the Spring of 2003 at Ohio University, a group of men got to wondering why there was a Christian Sorority on their campus but no Christian Fraternity. One of these men, Marcelo Lima, spearheaded a campaign to start such a Fraternity. He came across Sigma Theta Epsilon and inquired about starting a chapter at OU. After hosting several informational meetings about the fraternity, about thirteen men from Ohio University traveled to Cincinnati to become initiated as a pledge class. The pledging period began fall quarter but by then their numbers had dwindled to six, which is below the minimum number required to be activated as a chapter. They decided to remain together and hold a rush week to bring up their numbers, and Jeremy Davis and Josh Dobbins were soon initiated into the pledge class. On November 22, 2003, these eight men were activated as the Beta Theta Chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon.