Beta Zeta

Northeastern State University
Tahlequah, Oklahoma
Date Chartered: 
October 26, 2002

In 2001 NSU's Kappa Phi sponsor and various members of the sisterhood approached Justin Dillard and the local Wesley Foundation about starting a chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon. The Kappa Phi Club wanted this chapter to be a counter part to their local sisterhood. Our intentions in doing this was not to form a dating service. Instead we agreed that this brotherhood should represent God's standards; not our own mixed standards. Standards that we as Christian men should be striving for. Our upmost desire is to be the men that God has called us to be, learning to serve rather than be served. Real men that have the courage and honor to stand up for what is right, when the world tells them they're wrong. With that in our hearts and minds we proceeded towards becoming an actual chapter of Sigma Theta Epsilon. In Fall 2001 represenatives of our group visited the Western Region Fall Gathering in San Antonio, TX. Even though our guys found themselves the victims of culture shock they enjoyed themselves immensly and were quite impressed by the attitudes and hearts of the San Antonio crew. (You Guys Rock!!!) In the spring of 2002 at the National Conclave, eight of our group pledged as the founding members of Beta Zeta chapter. Six of the eight completed the pledge process and were initiated at the 2002 Fall gathering. Since that time we have continued to pursue our goal of serving God and being the men that he has called us to be. We have found that our trips and projects as a whole have brought our chapter closer together than we thought possible. Through many trials and tribulations we have found that the goal is to enjoy the journey not to seek the end. We encourage you to seek the journey with us -- the Journey that is life in Christ.