About Us

Who We Are

Sigma Theta Epsilon is an organization of college and university men of all different Christian denominations who love God and want to learn how to serve Him better. Membership is truly a life-changing experience, and it is our sincere desire to learn, grow, and serve God better through encouraging and praying for one another.

Our Philosophy

Appreciating the need for a closer Christian fellowship among college and university men, and believing that a fraternal organization can stimulate such fellowship, and believing that college and university men, if so organized, can have a much more effective influence on the life and leadership of the church and the world, we unite ourselves as Sigma Theta Epsilon, National Christian Service Fraternity.

The Four-Fold Purpose of Sigma Theta Epsilon

  1. To extend our service projects through programs of action to meet unfilled human needs.
  2. To attempt with the guidance of God to live Christian lives of faith and service.
  3. To provide social activities through service and Brotherhood.
  4. To provide a background for understanding ourselves, our faith, and our world.

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